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Our Travel Reviews at the Four Seasons Hotel Cairo Egypt

A beautiful hotel by the Nile River...

This travel blog is for all of you Egyptian lovers!  We had the pleasure of traveling to Egypt and staying at the Four Seasons the week of November 15th, 2010.  At this time it’s great weather 70 to 90 degrees Fahrenheit.  We heard over the summer it was over 120 degrees Fahrenheit and impossible to have a good time.  We wish someone would have given us the travel tips we are about to share with you.

The Four Seasons hotel is beautiful and sits right across from the Nile River where you can take boat rides around the area on the Nile and experience Egypt in a grand way.

Big travel advice:  you must be very careful as safety is HUGE in Egypt.  First, to get into the hotel there is high security and you must put your personal belongings through security screening and metal detectors.  We were surprised from the moment we arrived at the airport to the hotel at how much security and police surround Cairo.  Then to cross the street to the boat rides (in front of the hotel) you have to be super careful as there are no traffic lights and cars are driving like bats out of a cave.  The pedestrian is definitely not respected here.

In our quest to get the best travel reviews, we requested a high floor with a pretty view.  Make sure you request a high floor with a Nile River view.  If you get lucky enough you can see the pyramids from your hotel room, a beautiful sight.

Travel Tips Warning:  the food and beverages are way overpriced.  Specially if you want to drink imported beer or wine because there is a 460% tax (no joke!!) added to your drink .  Our friend ordered a glass of wine and it was $60 US dollars for one glass.

The breakfast buffet was astounding in presentation and delicious, but overpriced.  You can enjoy poolside meals and drinks and even Hookah (Egyptian herbal and different flavor specialty smoke pipes).

The hotel is located less than half an hour away from the pyramids of Gyza.  Be sure to pre-book your tour prior to just going there.

Hotel was great to provide any extras such as a converter, quick service delivery of extra towels and goods.  Reliant on wake up calls.

In all our travel blogs, we will display a fun rating system.  We created it to rate the hotels we visit around the world, with 10 being “Bling Bling on  a String, Ta Dao How You Like Me now” and 1 being the worse, we call it “One Doo Doo Brown.“  We rate this hotel a 7.5.  A little overpriced and some room for improvement.

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