Yvette Ulloa


  • What if You Got That Call…

    Life can be gone in a snap.

    Are you estranged from someone?

    Do you need to forgive someone? 

    Are you arguing with someone?  

    Nothing like getting the call that someone you love left this earth at age 37.   

    We got that call last year.

    It was one of the hardest years of our life.  Kirk was a friend, brother,… Continue reading

  • Why we sold everything and moved to a new country…

    This is a story of hope, love and inspiration. Dave and Yvette Ulloa, entrepreneurs, recently embarked on a quest of hope, as they sold everything they owned to move to a new country in South America, to seek healing for Yvette, as she was diagnosed with ameloblastoma. Ameloblastoma is supposed to be incurable, yet, they found an answer. Read on for the rest...