Hello! I’m Yvette Ulloa. I’m an entrepreneur, philantropist, teacher and a fiery Latina. I’m here to remind you that you are perfect just the way you are. And that you have a gift. A gift to share with the world. And to remind you to appreciate the journey, even with its ups-and-downs and to live your life out loud. Let your mess become your message. There is no testimony without a test!

Born in Queens, New York and raised in Bolivia, I had an out-of-the-box, adventurous, yet humble growing-up that led me to a love for travel, passion for people and a sunshine-filled, cloud-kissed, beautiful life in the City of Angels. With a big dream, we sold everything we had and helped launch a socially conscious travel empire which is now in over 30 countries and touching millions around the world.

People always ask me: how did you change your life from being a government employee to a multi-passionate lady-preneur? Because I’m a believer that nobody should “settle” or “fit” into a box.

Growing up I always had a feeling I did not belong.  I felt different.  I felt I could be more, do more. I had multiple jobs from working at a flower shop to a local recreation center and then built a career working for the City of Burbank for 10 years as head of Economic Development.  Sound fancy right?  Nope.  Although I loved my job, there was nothing fancy about working 12 hour days and weekends.  I always looked at planes during my break and wonder where they were flying.  I wished my life could be more than spending all day in a cubicle building someone else’s dream.

I went through a terrible breakup and was literally not functioning;  depressed in bed, crying myself to sleep.  After multiple promotions, followed multiple trips to the hospital due to stress which then led to an incurable illness.

I learned the secret to turning any cloudy day into sunshine!  I am in the process of reversing my “incurable” illness through miracles attracted in my life.  And I learned to speak the language of heroes to not only magnetize my dream relationship but have my Man treat me like a Queen!

Have you ever been stuck somewhere and realized focusing on your problems is not serving you?  Been there done that!  I learned to rewire my mind, heart and soul to attract (and keep!) the most incredible relationship of my life for over 17 years.

I help people bless and release what doesn’t serve them any more, see, if you’re focused on the past you are just allowing people to live rent free in your head.  I’ll help you mix up your dreams with a little bit of spice, a little bit of soul, and a whole lot of fire.  I’ll teach you my recipe to turn any problem into a gift.
Zig Ziglar, one of the top personal development minds, shared these special words which I will take with me for the rest of my life:

God Don’t Make No Junk.  Everyone was put here for a reason and a purpose.

I will help you “Find The Gift” in any difficult situation, and dance through the obstacles that life gives you.  Wouldn’t it be cool if you embraced a challenge when it came, and instead of saying:  “Why Me”, you say “Try Me!”

I truly believe there is a mind-body-spirit connection. I am a walking miracle.  This blog details my healing journey, my diagnosis, the horrific surgery I almost experienced, and THE WAY OUT (and, of course, THE GIFT!)

From the non-stop frenzy working as head of Economic Development in Burbank as liaison to Warner Brothers, NBC and Yahoo, to the stressful intense world of real estate development and investing, to dancing on the set of the Party Machine with Arsenio Hall, to helping found the largest private travel company in the world named in the Inc. 5000, I’m undeniable proof that not fitting in, breaking the rules and dreaming big is possible.

I experienced a surreal moment when one of my mentors, Tony Robbins, interviewed me on television, when John Assaraf (from the movie The Secret), awarded me the Business Mastery award and had the incredible, soul-shaking experience of sharing the stage with some of my mentors including Zig Ziglar and Stephen Covey.   I am proof that it can all happen to you!

Through my videos, blogs, programs and passionate, fun-filled live events and adventures, you’ll step into a massive, loving, incredibly fulfilling life that you deserve to live NOW!