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Is Your Relationship Boring at Times?

A B O R I N G R E L A T I O N S H I P will never end in a good place.
Oxytocin wears out after 2 years and if we don’t actively bring passion on purpose, it would be easy to feel like love has dissipated or that “butterfly” feeling has disappeared.
As a matter of fact, many quit at the 2 year mark and keep trying to replace that butterfly feeling.
What if there was a way to keep the fire, the love and passion alive?
Dave Ulloa and I created something after years and years of watching our friends go through ground hog day:
Date night
Same night
Same restaurant
Same routine
We watched flames turn off in relationships and the routine took over their life…
We refused to become a statistic.
Did you know caged animals at the zoo don’t mate? They have to put them in separate places before they mate.
We as humans live in a box, drove a box car, eat out of a box lunch, then watch the box for hours (TV or cell phone)
What if there was a better way?
With our Warriors and Queens community we do something really cool called Adventure Dating.
As a matter of fact, we invented the formula, shared it at a wedding and many coaches and relationship experts now share this concept.
Would you like to know more? Join our community link below and get the free gift!
Today I took Dave on an adventure date.
I blocked the time, kept the surprise and significance factor at a level 20, took him to the most amazing hideaway tucked in by the mountains, and we had a hot date in the middle of a Friday afternoon.
Best thing? He had no idea. 😱🥰
In his words, “I rocked his world.”
Yeah, I used to suck at this. The spontaneous, adventurous thing.
I got better. I chose to have a different path.
And now, we live our talk. Not just for a pretty photo or social media talk.
To say that this year we celebrate 2️⃣3️⃣.
I love you my King!
With love, Yvette Ulloa
PS – Would you like to know more about Adventure Dating? We created a course to help you never again have a boring date in your life! And expeirence the spice of life, whether you are with someone for a month, or 22 years like us!
There are some bonuses we included that will only be there until Sunday!
Here is a picture of Dave and I at our Adventure Date, I took him to a beautiful spa tucked away at Eagle’s Nest Mountain…for a beautiful couple’s massage. He had no idea! He thought we were going to lunch somewhere…
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