Health & Fitness Adventure Weekend

Most people have beautiful goals, dreams and desires as they grow up and as they start careers, family or hardship comes their way, those dreams are sometimes put on the shelf. As we get busier with life, those dreams become more and more difficult to reach. Have you ever climbed a career path or life path and then asked yourself, ‘how did I end up here?’ Well, it’s time to step back into your path and leave your fears and challenges behind to truly own your life!! This hands-on, results workshop where we help you assess your financial thermostat (we all have one based on our belief systems growing up), identify fears and limitations and BREAK FREE from them once and for all! Then after you get clear on your present and those obstacles that are holding you back, you will create YOUR IDEAL BLUEPRINT FOR SUCCESS! Imagine a life where you achieved fulfillment in all areas of your life, not just one! We truly feel you can have the life of your dreams!

After you design your blueprint for success, we will teach you how to activate and condition your mindset for success on a daily basis so that life path becomes REAL, and you cut your learning curve and grow faster! Your mind can either grow With your dreams or hold you back. In this one day workshop you will learn to master your mind, release those limitation, and re-create the life you know you deserve to have!!  Zig Ziglar said it best: ‘God don’t make no junk’ Everyone is here for a reason and a purpose. This is the weekend to step into your mission, follow your inspiration and set a new standard for what can be achieved.

Dave and Yvette Ulloa will be leading this workshop. They are international speakers, co-authored a book with Jim Rohn and are traveling around the world teaching people how to master the art of success and breaking through to the next area of your life. Dave is certified as a master NLP Trainer and has been speaking on winning the money game from the US to Africa to Greece. They were blessed to spend a year traveling with Tony Robbins as Platinum Partners. They recently built an orphanage in Ecuador and are passionate about teaching kids to believe in themselves.  We have to limit the number of attendees to assure quality of our event, so please book it now. Early bird price $99 for a limited time.  With this price you can bring a friend to experience BluePrint for free. Regular price is $199 per person.

What do you get when you combine personal development, business, lifestyle, contribution, mission and adventure? Mobile-Preneur Academy!! Become who you’re supposed to be on this earth. Find your purpose. Grow your brand. Have fun while you combine business and life-style. You no longer have to be tied to the cubicle plantation, instead, be diverse with information and follow your passion to profits, all the way with mission and pizzazz! And don’t forget the oomph in your life as you touch other’s lives and help them believe that they too can have it all. At MPA (Mobile-Preneur Academy), we created the perfect recipy to help you conquer your fears, step into greatness and BE THE BOSS Of you!  The days are over when you used to help someone else build their dreams (definition of a job) and instead you now focus on building your dreams while you inspire others to find greatness within!

Are you hungry for more in your life?
The world around us is chaotic, challenging and things aren’t always easy. In order to change our situation, we have to grow personally and improve our mindset. What’s driving your current behavior and results?  What habits do you need to change to TRANSFORM your life? Become more powerful, control your mindset and grow your personal power. It’s time to achieve those goals you’ve always wanted to achieve, and do it twice as fast! Learn how to achieve fulfillment NOW while you reach your goals!  Find out how two of the top coaches in the world, a power couple, are changing mindsets around the globe teaching people to effortless achieve while living life in total fulfillment.

Dave and Yvette Ulloa, The Adventure Entrepreneurs, work with top peak performance leaders as well as multi-million dollar business entrepreneurs, authors and world leaders, to help them transform their lives and businesses into one of fun, freedom and passion.   Their well known “adventure principles” have been transforming business people, families and relationships into a newer, more exciting version of life.  Their message of transformation & ultimate fulfillment through adventure and passion is spreading like wildfire through their coaching, lectures, webinars and retreats.

Are you ready to live your mission in life?  Are you ready to share your gift with others? Empower others with your story?

Dave has mastered the art of public speaking, engaging audiences from the USA all the way to South Africa. He went from being a police officer to owning audiences as large as 12,000 across the world, speaking on the same stages as Bob Proctor, John Assaraf (The Secret), Blair Singer, and other top thought leaders.  He was interviewed by Tony Robbins which was viewed by millions, all because of his results and transformation, along with his authenticity and passion.

In this hands-on workshop, you will learn:

  • Secrets and mastery of public speaking to touch small or large audiences.
  • Get people to love you from the moment you walk in.
  • Learn how to introduce and sell yourself to be instantly liked at the beginning
  • Learn to put yourself in a power state every time before your speech so fear disappears.
  • Own the stage and command presence.
  • Have an incredibly strong posture and closing ratio.
  • Learn to grow your speaking career and systemize your income.
  • Get rid of that queasy stomach before a speech.
  • Stay focused on your train of thought regardless of what’s going on in the audience.
  • Rebound back if you have a negative person in the audience.
  • Use any obstacles in the audience or room to fuel your speech.
  • Learn to create a powerpoint or speech outline that’s simple.
  • Master the secrets of owning and commanding the room.
  • Have hands-on experience this weekend practicing.

In this two day course you will break through your fears of public speaking and any other relative emotions such as fear of rejection, fear of being liked, even fear of success.  Public speaking is still the #1 fear in America. This is your time to break through and move forward leaving the sabotage behind and owning your path to success. Be ready for a weekend of mastery, thriving and masterminding to help you grow your business.  Learn how to turn your story and challenges into your greatest gift to touch the world.  Join the Speaker Mastermind and accountability group for graduates only.

Once a year, we find an amazing tourist destination and we take a  VIP group there for a vacation of a lifetime.  Last year we booked out the Four Seasons Westlake Village California, we got a killer deal with our clients and mixed adventure, pleasure, growing and thriving into one dream weekend.  We chilled in the sun, in the morning we had amazing fun short workouts (and optional longer and tougher ones for those ready for ultimate fitness) and an amazing Health & Fitness Ultimate Adventure seminar which included 2 short seminars on what foods to eat, how to shred the weight, how to gain muscle, the secrets of fitness gurus, how to increase your daily energy and how to thrive and live a long life, free of disease and filled with energy.

We introduced the new adventure fitness concept, where you stay fit while having fun, without going on a diet.  Diet has the word DIE in it!  It does not work.  We teach you how to lose the weight and keep it off the right way.  And we help you break through in the mindset so you can This event is only once a year.  Enrollment is closed right now but give us your email and you will be one of the first ones that find outs.  It will most likely be in May 2014.  Be ready for an adventure weekend of a lifetime!!